We are dedicated to providing you, our guest, with the most professional spa services in a Tranquil Personal Environment.

Our staff has been especially selected for their interest and dedication to the “spa business” and personal growth. We encourage them to be involved in all spa functions as well as the community.

Krystine M. Kuecha Spa Director/Founder

Krystine has been involved in the Spa & Fitness Industry for over 28 years. She combines her knowledge and experience in Aesthetics, Aromatherapy, Holistic Healing, Naturopathic Health & Chemistry and Customer Service into a complete package at The Compass Spa. A South Florida native she now calls South Tampa her home with her significant other Mark and their furry “kids” Spooner & Charlie.

Michelle Garcia Massage Therapist MA33504

Ms. Garcia has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 10 years and specializes in Sports Therapy / Deep Tissue Massage Treatments. Do Not let her petit stature fool you, she has miracle strength in those hands and can ease tension in the worst of scenarios.

Arnaldo Velasquez Massage Therapist MA80476

Mr. Velasquez provides our guests with some much needed therapies. With passion and numerous specialty certifications in his repertoire, Arnaldo shares his healing touch with challenged kids and patients.

Anita Nguyen Massage Therapist MA88292

Anita believes that everything vibrates energetically. For guests to feel their optimal relaxation, she knows she needs to nurture her own energy before each session. Although she may be tiny, she is mighty! She has a love for food, music, dance, and aspires to travel the world to experience all of it. Whether she shares her amazing healing hands or positive energy, she wants to leave a sparkle everywhere she goes 🙂

Stacie Toscani Spa Reception/Assistant

Stacie is gifted in customer service. With a shining personality and willingness to assist she provides a delightful check in procedure to our guests. Her love of four legged, floppy eared ‘kids’ keeps her busy at home when not tending to our guests.

Chantal Knighten Spa Receptionist

Chantal has just joined our spa family. Her smile will not only brighten your day, but is contagious and you will delight in her charm. Chantal is currently a massage student and we hope she will be ready to provide additional therapy services here at The Compass Spa upon graduation.