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For all of you animal lovers here is the page to make you smile.

Introductions First:

Hi there, I’m Charlie. I was born sometime in September 2012. I was surrendered to Cat Crusade at only 3 weeks old and had to be hand fed for a BabyCharliewhile which is a little different than what other kittens at that age get. But that’s ok I had a great foster home and was treated very well. This was my adoption picture and cause I’m so adorable at 9 weeks I was adopted by my new Human mom and boy does she love me. I get lots of cuddling and play time anytime I want (even in the middle of the night), good healthy food a fluffy bed and plenty of toys to play fetch with too (Yes – Fetch). Sometimes I even get to travel and see new things. *Update Sept. 2013 – Charlie has decided he wants to start playing “tag you’re it” in addition to fetch… if I can get it on video we will post it for all to enjoy. His personality just keeps growing along with his curiosity.

My best friend is Spooner a Retriever Hound mix who is big and playful which I like. Sometimes we wrestle and chase each other but mostly he just watches me and huffs when I steal his favorite spots on the carpet. When I first met Spooner I had my mouse toy with me and he decided he wanted to play with it too. It was so funny seeing that little mouse in his big mouth that my humans decided to get Spooner his own mouse, one more his size. Sometimes I take it just for fun but I still like my own toys best.

I also get to play with Sadie (sadly Sadie has passed on since this original post) sometimes, everyone thinks she is very pretty, but most of the time she is not very interested in playing – BORING ! She likes to lay outside in the sun and catch some rays and then changes her mind like every 15 minutes and wants to come back inside. I think she does it just to get attention. I never do stuff like that for attention ; ] Hey!, Here’s Spooner now…

Spoon DogHello, Spooner here. That crazy little cat above is right we do play, but I’m not too sure about him. He attacks my tail for no reason and is always loosing his stuff under the refrigerator. I never do that I am a noble, loyal canine and much smarter. I was also a rescue and had many health issues when I was first found as well as some separation anxiety cause I was left by some humans that had me for a while. I did a few things I am not proud of but I am a Champion companion now howling whenever someone rings the doorbell and to try to tell my humans what I want.

I am happy to share my adventures with you so check back often, be sure to Like our page and check out all of the Amazing stuff we find for you to add happiness to your fur-kids lives too. See youuuuuu soooooon.

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Spooner in his misbehaving puppy stageSpooner, during his mischievous “puppy stage”


Spooners Own "Mouse"Where's Charlie???Where’s Charlie?

Spooner’s Rat

Spooner & Charlie’s Christmas 2017

We hope you all had a fun Christmas / New Year Season. We sure did…

Spooner loves his new treats

Charlie loved attacking the tree

Spooner: We are looking forward to the new year, both Charlie and I had fun during the summer and the sunshine is great, but I like the winter time too. Our house is all lit up and there are lots of fancy things all around. I have to be careful not to wag my tail too fast around that weird tree in the family room because I get scolded. The dumb cat gets to lay under it and I even caught him climbing it the other day (he got in so much trouble…). Anyway this cooler weather has been nice for a change and we have been going for extra long walks in the morning, which I really like. Happy New Year from our home to yours, we hope to meet you sometime.

Summertime 2018

Spooner: Well it is getting kinda warm out and my winter coat is moving from body to bed… I also have that cool “blonde” stipe appearing on my back. Guess that helps keep me cooler when the sun hits. I still love my morning walks, but I stop to sniff everything I can, just to get an extra moment in the shade. Me and Dad hang out most of the day in the house, but the sun sure does feel good in the afternoon. My paw-mom says that soon they will be doing dog massage at her work. I cant wait to visit her there. She gives me a massage almost every night, but it will be fun to meet some other dogs and I know they will love the paw-spa treatments just like I do. HaHa and it is for dogs only so that pestering cat, Charlie cant come. HaHa

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