Grand Opening Celebration – Thank you

We want to Thank all of your who stopped by to make our Spa Hosted Events a success. Your support is cherished & appreciated. If you were unable to attend our workshops or seminars, not to worry we will be hosting many more events throughout the season.

Sunday 1/28

12-2:00 DIY Spa Mixology (continuous spa product mixing/custom blending workshop in the Mandalay Room. Stop by to participate in mixing your own product samples)

Product Demos (throughout the day in the spa. We will be demonstrating several products for skin, body & wellness)

Monday 1/29

1-2:30 Total Wellbeing? How to achieve it. (open discussion about how you may incorporate simple behaviors into your daily life for a more healthy mind, body & spirit – in the Mandalay Room) Begins with mini Yoga & Meditation Set. Bring and open mind and

4-6:00 ReikiOlogy (treatment demos in the spa. ReikiOlogy is the combination of healing energy work with hands on reflex / meridian point stimulation for whole body balancing) Come see for yourself what it is all about.

Tuesday 1/30

11-12:00 Tea Tasting (Sample some of our Organic Fair Trade Teas, Learn the process of the Match Tea Ceremony & the benefits of Herbal Tea – Mandalay Room)

1-2:00 Aromatherapy 1 Intro (A brief introduction to the functions and use of Pure Essential Oils for Overall health. This is a required intro for those interested in Our Aromatherapy 2 hands-on Workshop to be offered in February, June and October – Mandalay Room) We usually charge $25 to attend this class and recommend it prior to our Aromatherapy 2 Workshop, so this is your opportunity to gain the necessary information for Free. Don’t miss it!

3:30-5:30 It’s A Dog Day Afternoon – Come and enjoy our Dog friendly social featuring complementary dog massage demos. Informative pet experts will be present discussing Grooming (with Tracy from Dogma Spa), Health, Daily Care (with Fernanda from Nanda’s Walking Paws) & Behavior (with Dave from All American Dog Training Academy) & Fun Stuff for your Furry Family Member. Crunchy snacks and beverages plus take home goodie bags for  attendees. Leashed & Well Behaved Doggies are encouraged to attend. – Bay Club Entrance)                                               

Wednesday 1/31  – Spa Service Flash Discounts / Meet the Staff (Select spa services will be available by appointment at a “Special” price for New Spa Guests – In The Compass Spa – by appointment. Call to book early, limited availability) Call for details 813.402.2089

Thursday 2/1

2-3:30 VinoTherapy Spa Treatments (Grapes are good… check out some fun treatments in the spa. All participants will receive a promo card for booked treatments)

5:30-7:30 Cuisine Paring, Wine Tasting and Friendly Mingle (Valentines’ Themed – Bay Club Atrium)

Wine Tasting Presented by Dave Mela with Vintage Wines – special selection of wines will be available for purchase during this event… come, taste, enjoy…

Friday 2/2 – VIP Celebration 5-8pm. Join us for a toast and tasty snack in the Bay Club Atrium & Spa to celebrate our Grand Opening.

Bubbly Beverages & Bites will be served

Aromatherapy 1 Intro Class –

If you missed our Intro Class During Our Grand Opening Celebration fret not, you may join us again for this informative class. It is highly recommended that you attend this class if you would like to participate in the Aromatherapy 2 Workshop to gain the basic knowledge on oils and their properties.

Introduction to the numerous properties and medicinal functions of Pure Essential Oils and Herbs from a seasoned professional who has incorporated their function into treatments for over 25 years. Introductory information in choosing oils for Mood Enhancement & Holistic Health is the focus of Course 1. Includes all course material and oil samples to take home. February Date TBD $25 (credited towards Aromatherapy 2 Workshop if attending.

Aromatherapy 2 Workshop –

Essential Oils are the highly beneficial chemical extracts from plants, flowers & resins. They are more than scenting oils, the curative benefits have stood the test of time. The synergy of their compounds provides a variety of therapeutic functions and learning how to recognize which oils are best suited for a particular action is the practice of Aromatherapy. Learn the basics of blending Pure Essential Oils in this “Hands-On” Workshop to use essential oils for personal growth and wellbeing. We cover the basics in chemistry, function and use and conclude with a blending session where you will make your own personal oil blend for use. Limited class size, paid registration required. Next Class February 19th $95 (before 2/5/18 $125 after)

Meditation w/ Pranayama Group Class

Learn Deep relaxation and Stress relieving techniques with this all levels Pranayama Yoga & Meditation Class. Chi is life force and blocked Chi can disrupt many internal pathways. Learn the practice of Pranayama Breathing and Quite Meditation for your own health benefits. Meditation, which is just a matter of relaxing and removing ourselves mentally from distractions, and simple techniques are taught to improve your everyday life & help reduce, even eliminate, stress, sleep issues and encourage oxygen flow throughout your system. A lighthearted class with Long Term Benefits. March 3rd $25

Bio-Visage Demo –

One of our signature treatments will be demonstrated by our Spa Director and Master Aesthetician, Krystine. The Bio-Visage protocol utilizes Organic Herbals and MicroCurrent technology to “Awaken” your skin. Witness the transformation in just minutes. Attendees will receive special pricing on pre-booked service packages. Date TBD

Feng Shui :Designing for Optimal Energy Flow, Balance & Happiness –

How does your energy become affected and infected by the special relationship of your surroundings? Ever wonder why some rooms in your home or office just feel “wrong” or “right”? It is more than likely the way the energy of all things are interacting in the space and where that space lies in the overall scheme of the building. This semi-interactive  class give you some simple information and tips on setting up your home or office to gain the most positive energy flow for your life. March Date TBD $45

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Our good friend Jennifer Hannifan with Ready Set Party Events will be co-hosting several floral themed workshops. Stay tuned for more information…

Colors, Gems & Crystal Therapy

Knowledge of Color Enhancement combines with Gem & Crystal usage is crucial for proper Energy Influence. Learn how colors, Gems and Crystals affect our Energy Centers as well as protect us. Includes course materials and a Gem or Crystal to take home. April Date TBD $75