The Compass Spa Offers a Complete Line of Natural/Organic Body & Skin Care Products created to integrate into any existing protocol and will potentiate treatments rendered. New Shopping Cart Coming Soon. You may call or email the spa to order during updates or go to to order

NEW FULL SPECTRUM-WHOLE PLANT CBD Pain Relieving Products – Call or Stop by The Spa Boutique to purchase any retail items

Very Berry Face & Body Wash – A delightful blend of Blueberry & Lingonberry with hydrating benefits of Sunflower & Jojoba and Healing Neem & Tumeric create this All-Over Wash. You will soon love this product like we do. A great Summer cleanser with a light natural aroma. 2oz or 8oz Vegan – Paraben-free – Organic Content: 76%

Organic Honey & Hemp Face Wash – Our Sulfate and paraben-free, pH balanced formula is a popular year-round cleanser for face & body. Mild, humectant, yet deep cleansing and loaded with anti-oxidants & amino acids you will soon find this one of your favorite products in our line. Honey wash is even gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area (or on your hair) and why not with this powerful punch of nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight those nasty little free-radicals. This is one of our “Finished” products and naturally scented, but we will happily add one of or essential oils to boost the Aromatherapy quality or custom formulate a batch for your particular skin needs. Infused with Red Adventurine Crystal for skin revitalization. 2oz or 8oz Paraben-free – Phthalate-free – All skin types Organic Content: 74%

NOURISH Rose Toner – An All skin type Vitamin rich Toner with ultra-hydrating properties. Calming to overworked skin and refreshing to weary skin, this toner is an excellent Summer hydrating mist. We suggest you keep some in the fridge to use on the hottest days to simply cool and fortify skin with some extra moisture and naturally restore pH balance. Ours is not ust a “Rosewater” but infused with Bulgarian Rose Oil and Rose Quartz crystals. May also be used to set make-up. Makes a great travel companion. “Finished” product. 2oz or 8oz  93% Organic Content

NOURISH HydroSerum – A soft, paraben-free super concentrated moisturizing serum for daily use on most skin types. Lightweight yet highly effective, all of our serums are fourmulated with long term skin health in mind. We do not follow beauty trends, rather rely on clinical trials and years of experience to dictate wheat goes into all of our products and the Nourish line is no exception. Packed with nutrients link, Organic Coconut, Hibiscus, Rose, Hemp & Rosehips this serum can be nothing but beneficial to skin to protect against dehydration and environmental damage. One of our Core Line “Finished” products, but we will gladly create a custom blended serum should you desire something special. 1oz Vegan – Gluten-free – Organic Content 72%

AHA Moisturizer – A lightweight re-texturizing & refining moisturizer for most skin types. With a powerful blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, malic, tartaric) and hydrating coconut oil with shea butter your skin will feel soft and smooth after only a single use. Gently infused with a touch of Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil and Energizing Crystals 2.5oz Vegan – Gluten-free – Paraben-free – Phthalate-free – Palm Oil-free Organic Content 81%

Botanical Balm – A “Miracle Ointment” as some have called it over the past 22 years since its development. This multi-purpose herbal salve can benefit skin suffering from rash, itching, burns, eczema, psoriasis, excessive dryness, dermatitis, acne, inflammation, allergies, fungus and a variety of other issues. Safe for use on babies. Safe for use on pets. Safe for use near the eye are (not inside eye lid). This has been a #1 Seller for many years 2.2oz Vegan –  Non GMO – Kosher Gluten-free 98% Organic Content

SeaMist – Re-mineralize and purify with our Organic Allover Toning Mineral Spray with benefits of oceanic minerals. This unscented misting spray may be used as is or custom scented to add aromatherapy and additional benefits. Use on face, body and even in your hair. With Blue-green algae and sea kelp the benefits abound. 8oz Vegan – Gluten-free – Organic Content 93%

ENERGIZE TropiScrub – Our Organic Coconut Oil & Sugar Scrub will gently exfoliate dull dry skin while moisturizing. The tropical scent of Organic Citrus will create an Island fresh environment in the shower. Primarily for use the body it may be used sparingly on the face if not hyper-sensitive. 6oz Vegan – Gluten-free – Organic Content 95%

Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion – Renew your skin with this ultra rich-healing lotion without feeling caked up or greasy. This protective cream is ideal for chapped, dry skin and even helps decrease skin eruptions from Eczema and other forms of Dermatitis. Clinical results show a tremendous improvement is skin after just days of use.

Orgainc/Wildcrafted Essential Oils – We carry a Complete line of Pure and Synergistic Blended Essential Oils for Homeopathic Use. Bergamot; Blue Eucalyptus; Bulgarian Lavender; Cedarwood; Citronella; Frankincense; Lemon; Lemongrass; Peppermint; Rosemary Sweet Orange;  White Camphor; Ylang-Ylang … 100% Organic

Contact Us For Information About Our Aromatherapy Class Schedule

AromaaaMist – Custom Aromatherapy Body & Linen Mist – All Natural Aloe based spray with is customized at the time of purchase with any of our Level 1 Organic/Wild Crafted Essential Oils or Oil Blends to create a delightful scent with benefits. Why use toxic air fresheners when you can scent your body and surroundings with Natures Air Freshener – Botanicals from Mother Nature. Vegan – Gluten-free – Paraben-free – Phthalate-free 92% Organic

Natural Patches Aromatherapy Patches – The Benefits of Aromatherapy with the ease of Transdermal Patch Technology. We offer several Varieties for a Variety of Conditions.

Why a Patch?

Originally conceived as an alternative to traditional pain rubs, as a means of delivering the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils, Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches offer numerous advantages over not only these, but also many other traditional and aromatherapeutic products and applications, in the marketplace. In addition to appealing to those who may never have used or had no previous knowledge of essential oils and/or aromatherapy, the patch delivery system is also attractive to people who, having used either or both in the past, may have been discouraged from continued use for any number of reasons.

Soothing Touch Bath Salts – Immerse yourself in a relaxing and therapeutic bath today with these highly scented bath salts. A variety of scents to choose from are usually in stock, but they go quick…

Crystals & Pendulums – Holistic and Metaphysical properties exist in the rocks and stones that have been created by Earth over the millennia and there is measurable energy released when exposed to these beautiful stones. Amethyst, Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz… and many more are available for purchase in our Spa Boutique and you can stop by to buy or browse.

Tailor-Made Gift Boxes/Baskets – Choose from a variety of pre-made gift boxes available for purchase in the spa boutique or ask to have a gift box made especially for your gift giving needs.

Aromatherapy Candles – A Variety of Scented Candles are available for purchase in our Spa Boutique. A simple gift or add to a custom made gift basket for someone special.

Organic Teas – Coming Soon

More Product Listing and Online Shopping Cart Coming Soon

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