Wellness, Amid The Current Covid-19 Scare

We are all feeling apprehensive during this very challenging time. These are unfamiliar, extremely rough waters for all to attempt crossing, but the human race has conquered tougher times and emerged stronger and wiser for it. Perhaps now is a time of awakening and self-reflection.

We tend to move so fast trying to achieve various personal goals that at times we overlook the Universal Force that all beings share. Look beyond the “things” of the day and look at all things with your heart. Unity of the body, soul, mind and environment is vital ! As more people recognize the importance of diet, exercise, stress management and nontoxic medicines as part of overall good health, it is essential to remember that our existence must be in balance with one another and nature as well. The emotions, attitude, beliefs and responses to life’s situations all play a part in instigating or worsening an illness of the body. Case studies have shown that deep emotions, such as anger or bereavement, can depress lymphocyte activity, therefore weakening the immune system. (Behavioral Kinesiology Report” Mt. Sinai Hospital NY). In Karma it is believed that Envy created illness in another. A positive frame of mind can become a lifeline during crisis. Focus on establishing new and more constructive habits and attitudes rather than simply alleviating the symptoms can bring about true long-term wellness.

The truth of the matter is that individually down deep we rather like ourselves as we are – with all our past prejudices, hatreds, superior/inferior feelings, bad habits, mistakes, ill tempers, etc. – because basically as individuals and groups we created ourselves, mentally and emotionally. As such we resist change of anything other than our superficial natures and “like continues to attract like” Harmony and Peace must first be within SELF, if it is to be between one another. One will never find harmony by finding fault with what the other does. The indissoluble trinity of body, mind and spirit are taxed during any crisis/illness and lessons are to be learned if the “disease” is going to be conquered. If we, as individuals have all of the elementary forces that make to the bettering of life, and have now love in our hearts – we have nothing, Nothing. Attitude becomes fact !

Look to your left, right in front, in back, above and below you…acknowledge and admire the splendor in all that life on Earth offers Every Day. When we run so quickly that we disconnect with the energy around us The Universe will abruptly force us to slow down and re-engage. Willie Nelson wrote a beautiful song “Turn off the News…Build a Garden” that may motivate you to take a long look at the path we have been heading and inspire us to re-establish the unions between Energy, Relationships and Self. Man is an eternal being, spiritual in nature, creative and capable of building through the powers of the mind attunement and energy. Life is Precious! Slow Down, Appreciate all the lessons, Lead with your Heart. Wellness is an intertwined system of Awareness, Attitude and Action.

May Health & Peace be with you all.

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