Thank You to All of The Attendees to Our CST & MFR Presentation. Stay tuned as we add more dates…

yellow flowers

MyoFascial & Cranial Sacral Therapy Presentaion – Wednesday 11/14/18

The benefits of these treatments are countless. Our presentation will provide you with in depth information and an opportunity to discuss the way we make the therapy a custom treatment for your needs. Certified. licensed therapist, Arnaldo will be discussing the technique and providing a demonstration of the treatment. Wednesday November 14th 6-8pm No Charge in the Mandalay Room

Cupping & Thai Stretching Presentation – Tuesday 12/4/18

Cupping techniques are incorporated with massage therapy or used as a stand along treatment to provide injured areas of the body with vital nutrition to aid in rapid healing and pain relief. Attend this seminar for a brief question and answer session followed by a hands on demonstration, provided by one of our resident LMTs, Michelle Garcia on Tuesday Dec. 4th 4:30-6pm No Charge Mandalay Room

Thai Stretching Massage is only one of the specialties that LMT Arnaldo Velasquez provides at The Compass Spa. The combination of assisted stretching with muscle manipulation to assist the body in increased ROM (Range of Motion) is the focus of this therapy style. Presentation & Demonstartion, Tuesday Dec. 4th No Charge Mandalay Room

Aromatherapy 1 Intro Class – Tuesday 12/11/18

If you missed our Intro Class During Our Grand Opening Celebration fret not, you may join us again for this informative class. It is highly recommended that you attend this class if you would like to participate in the Aromatherapy 2 Workshop to gain the basic knowledge on oils and their properties. This class is the foundation to understanding what Aromatherapy is, how and why it works. Tuesday December 6th 6-8pm in the Mandalay Room

Introduction to the numerous properties and medicinal functions of Pure Essential Oils and Herbs from a seasoned professional who has incorporated their function into treatments for over 28 years. Aromatherapy 1 Intro Class covers information necessary to understand the quality and care of oils, chemotype of oils, distillation process, difference between volatile and fixed oils, choosing oils for Mood Enhancement & Holistic Health is the focus of Course 1. Includes all course material and oil samples to take home. Dec. 11, 2018 2018 $55 ($20 credited towards Aromatherapy 2 Workshop if attending.) in the Mandalay Room

Aromatherapy 2 Workshop – Tuesday 1/15/19

Essential Oils are the highly beneficial chemical extracts from plants, flowers & resins. They are more than scenting oils, the curative benefits have stood the test of time. The synergy of their compounds provides a variety of therapeutic functions and learning how to recognize which oils are best suited for a particular action is the practice of Aromatherapy. Learn the basics of blending Pure Essential Oils in this “Hands-On” Workshop to use essential oils for personal growth and wellbeing. We cover the basics in chemistry, function and use and conclude with a blending session where you will make your own personal oil blend for use. Limited class size, paid registration required. Next Class Tuesday January 15th 2018 $95 early registration ($105 after)

Meditation w/ Pranayama Group Class

Learn Deep relaxation and Stress relieving techniques with this all levels Pranayama Yoga & Meditation Class. Chi is life force and blocked Chi can disrupt many internal pathways. Learn the practice of Pranayama Breathing and Quite Meditation for your own health benefits. Meditation, which is just a matter of relaxing and removing ourselves mentally from distractions, and simple techniques are taught to improve your everyday life & help reduce, even eliminate, stress, sleep issues and encourage oxygen flow throughout your system. A lighthearted class with Long Term Benefits. $25 pp  Ask about Private Classes (ask about our multiple participant discount)

Bio-Visage Demo –

One of our signature treatments will be demonstrated by our Spa Director and Master Aesthetician, Krystine. The Bio-Visage protocol utilizes Organic Herbals and MicroCurrent technology to “Awaken” your skin. Witness the transformation in just minutes. Attendees will receive special pricing on pre-booked service packages. Next Demo TBD No Charge in the Port Room

Holistic Awareness, Metaphysics and the Intuitive Approach –  1/24/19

What is all this buzz about Wellness & Holistic Health? Natural Healing? Aromatherapy? Herbal Medicine? Autonomic Writing? Body & Intuitive Awareness? Nutrition? Reiki?…

The All Encompassing Approach to Natural Health – What is it, How to Achieve it. This hands on, informal question and answer workshop will cover a variety of topics and tips on how to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance. Bring an open heart, able body & hands and thirst for knowledge and you will leave feeling lifted and with a fresh attitude. Jan. 24th, 2019 Time TBD based on presenters/classes $30-150 in the Mandalay Room & Spa

Feng Shui : Designing for Optimal Energy Flow, Balance & Happiness –

How does your energy become affected and infected by the special relationship of your surroundings? Ever wonder why some rooms in your home or office just feel “wrong” or “right”? It is more than likely the way the energy of all things are interacting in the space and where that space lies in the overall scheme of the building. This semi-interactive  class give you some simple information and tips on setting up your home or office to gain the most positive energy flow for your life. Next Date TBD $45

Spa Mixology DIY Day – 1/24/19

Like to “play” with recipes? Well here is your opportunity to make your own spa products. $15 pp Jan. 24th, 2019

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Our good friend Jennifer Hannifan with Ready Set Party Events will be co-hosting several floral themed workshops. Stay tuned for more information…

Colors, Gems & Crystal Therapy

Knowledge of Color Enhancement combines with Gem & Crystal usage is crucial for proper Energy Influence. Learn how colors, Gems and Crystals affect our Energy Centers as well as protect us. Includes course materials and a Gem or Crystal to take home. $75

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