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Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation

Diamond Skin Resurfacing – Aluminum oxide free diamond exfoliation and massaging of the skin with oxygen & vitamins to improve nutrient absorption 60 minutes

BioVisage Microcurrent Therapy – Restore skins vibrancy & clarity. Our 3 phase facial blends the holistic benefits of botanical extracts with micro-current technology to rejuvenate the skin. Effective both topically as well as at the cellular level, this service yields significant improvement in skin tone, circulation & hydration as well as a reduction in wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes & dark circles. 70 minutes

Relax 1Radiance Zyme Facial Treatment – Restore skins “youthful glow”. Natural enzymes breakdown intracellular glue which binds surface debris & dulls appearance. Involves minimal to no down time 60 minutes

Deep Skin Peels – Peels are chosen according to skin type & condition for intense cleansing & improved complexion. Multi-complex acids allow deep exfoliation rendering the exposure of new skin layers and stimulating cell re-generation. 60 minutes.                                              *Not For All Skin Types, Consultation Required*

Micro-needling Face Therapy (coming soon) –

Exclusive & Essential Skin Care

Bay Retreat Facial – Drench skin in luxury with enhanced European techniques and a select blend of products to suit your individual skin needs. Professional analysis, dual cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing serums, energizing face and neck massage, mask and protective moisturizer are performed during this 75 minute face & décolleté treatment.

manfacialGentleman’s Marine Facial – A special treatment for the needs of a man’s skin. Shaving and varying chemical influence create a need for unique skin care. Why Shouldn’t He have his skin treated professionally to cleanse, fortify and reduce signs of aging 75 minutes

Organic Herbal / Aromatherapy Facial – Refresh and infuse skin with custom blended herbs & essential oils. A nutrient boost for the skin to oppose free-radical damage, dull complexion and loss of elasticity, yields dermal purity and tissue energy for an immediate uplift to weary skin while promoting skin health. 80 minutes

Organic Cacao Facial – Raw Cacao provides a “sweet” dose of anti-oxidants and vitamins to your skin counteract free-radical damage and a skin tightening effect. 80 minutes

Sensitive Skin /Deep Cleanse Acne Facial – an individualized treatment for nourishment and soothing overactive skin conditions to balance color & texture 90 minutes

Facial Add On Services

LED Facial Therapy Session – a rejuvenation treatment which improves skin tissue through non-intrusive application. designed to work from the inside out, light therapy stimulates natural cellular action & repair processes. a 60 min treatment is effective against fine lines, acne bacteria, scar tissue gaining an overall improvement in appearance

Eye Contour Treatment – Merge with any facial or pedicure service for enrichment to the delicate eye tissue adds 20 minutes

Eyelash Extensions (coming soon) –

Therapy & Relaxation Massage

Sports Massage – With a pure focus on an athlete’s anatomy, sports massage will aid in the preparations of your body for optimal performance. Ideal as injury preventative for muscle and connective tissue as well as range of motion, tone, symmetry and balance improvements. 80 minutes

Therapy Massage – After a brief consultation to determine your specific needs our therapist will perform a massage for targeted muscle stimulation and the release of chronic tension. Deep tissue massage aids in accelerated recovery of the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and facial tissue and boosting circulation for overall therapeutic healing 50 or 80 minutesm4 (3)

Hot Stone Massage – hot smooth lava rocks & Chakra stones aid in easing tension and therapeutic benefits of massage. 70 minutes

Bay Relaxation Body Massage – Traditional relaxation movements are used to manipulate skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons for easing tension, improving body condition, reducing stress or anxiety and bring a tranquil consciousness 55 or 90 minutes Available pool, dockside or in home for additional fee

Chair Massage 3Bayside Chair Massage – How about a relaxing mini-massage by the pool? With concentration on your back and neck this is bring a tranquil consciousness. 15 minute . 35 minutes.

Complementary Treatments Available to Bay Club Members on Saturday during Spring & Summer

Natural Body Services

Body Brasion – Release tension, skin toxins & reshape the silhouette thru the thermal properties of natural paraffin wax and deep cleansing sea clay “mud”, rich in plant extracts this relaxing body service is 60 minutes

Mineral SaltGlo Body Treatment – Natural exfoliation with a dry salt and oil rub gently manipulated to slough off dead skin cells and surface debris to reveal freshened skin ready for the hydrating lotion of your choice 50 minutes

Body Contour Session – Precise actions target those “hard to tone” areas to break up fat deposits in the adipose tissue. This is deep treatment stimulates lymphatic flow and is best when done in a weekly series. 45 minutes

Para-Fango Mud Cocoon – release tension, skin toxins, deyhration & rehape the silhouette thru the thermal properties of natural paraffin wax and deep cleansing sea clay “mud”, rich in plant extracts this extremely relaxing body service is the ULTIMATE body treatment 60 minutes

VinoTherapy Body Scrub & Wrap Duo – benefits abound in this exfoliation and relaxing body wrap service. Grapes are good inside and out. Our special recipe lets your skin receive all the benefits of PACs. Grapessed oil, Grape essence, Apple & Cranberry Extracts are just a few of the beneficial ingredients used to feed your body with countless nutrients, to yield Luxuriously soft skin and Wonderfully relaxing too.

Organic Herbal Body Wrap – … this natural body treatment is NOT A WATER LOSS WRAP. You will see immediate results and with regular treatments and a responsible home care, excess waste is encouraged to be processed by stimulating lymph flow while relaxing in an ultra warm aloe/herb cocktail spiked with aromatherapy for additional relaxation 60 minutes

Spray Tanning –

Natural Hand & Foot Care

Sea-sonal Cocktail Pedicure – The ultimate in Pedicure 1treatments for the feet, this 6 phase pedicure is reminiscent of a facial for the feet fortified with ocean minerals & chosen in accordance with the season or pick an invigorating mint mojito/tropical colada. True luxury for 80 minutes

Bay Bliss Manicure – The ultimate treatment for the hands and lower arms, includes aroma soak, exfoliation, full manicuring, hand & arm massage, hydrating mask and perfect polish 75 minutes

Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatments – Therapeutic benefits of this massaging and masking treatment abound. Aid in relieving arthritis pain, chapped skin, and brittle nails or just treat the most ignored part of your body. a wonderful facial add on

Spa Pedicure or Manicure – A complete relaxing pedicure or manicuring service including soaking, scrub, foot massage and polish 55 minutes

Shellac Gel Polish Add On – Long wear gel polish is available for any natural nail service 15 minutes

Hair Removal Services

Facial and Body Waxing – removal of unwanted hair with this timeless technique

Holistic Therapies

Ayurvedic Harmony – traditional Indian hair, scalp and face ritual for balancing and natural stress reduction, a warm stream of celestial oil is released onto the third eye while your hands and feet are massaged and healing rituals are performed, once oil has been exhausted a head, neck and face massage concludes this delightful service 90 minutes

PMEF Mat Therapy (coming soon)

Ion Foot Therapy – aid in whole body cleansing with a relaxing soak in our ion-therapy foot bath. Includes a take home packet of Phytoceane phytomarin sea water bath to aid in detoxification. upgrade with a foot paraffin treatment for thorough benefits. 40 auraminutes

Salt Therapy / Meditation Session (coming soon)

Aromatic AccuMassage – Pressure point aromatherapy massage of hands or feet to balance inner systems

Health & Fitness Therapies

Private Yoga Session

Pranayama Yoga Session – learn simple techniques to reduce stress, ease the mind, release restless Chi and expand lung capacity for overall health. 1 on 1 sessions or small group discounts available 60 minutes

Health Coaching